What We Do

  • We Rescue animals from the shelters and the streets

  • We Provide information and education to people in the community so they do not relinquish their pets to the shelter. (People are often not aware of services and resources available to them).

  • Provide re-homing assistance for people who can no longer keep their pets by connecting them with a qualified rescue group or potential adopter or foster.

  • Provide advice on behavioral issues and care.

  • Direct the public to resources such as low cost or free food, vet care, boarding facilities, etc.

  • Assist the public with helping animals that they have found or identified as needing help and find qualified rescues or adopters.

How You Can Help    

  • Go the LA Animals Services link and find your local shelter and visit.

    • Go to the shelter in person if possible. Meet the shelter employees in person by visiting. It is also a great idea to meet the animals in person as well. This way you will be able to find out about particular dogs and cats that are in danger of being killed and need to be rescued/ adopted ASAP. Take pictures of the animals for your marketing efforts the shelter pictures are often taken when the animal is first brought to the shelter and they are scared to death. No one takes a good picture when they are scared. A good picture can be the animal’s only chance of getting out of the shelter alive.

  • Volunteer with us, with your local shelter, or another rescue group.

  • Spread the word about how much animals need our help.

  • Donate to Animals in Need Rescue Network, We are a 501C3 so your donation will be tax deductible.  Go to our donate button at the top of this page to find ourpay pal link oryou can also send a check to: Animals In Need Rescue Network2029 S. Beverly Glen Blvd. LA CA 90025

  • Foster a pet. This is one of the most important things you can do as it enables rescues to save many more lives. We often just need a safe, relaxing place for the animals to stay, decompress and recover from the shelter experience. Pets are scared and stressed — they often get sick and just need to recover from a cold or the trauma of their experiences. They often just need a place to stay until space opens up at an adoption venue or an adopter is found. Fosters are invaluable to rescues, as it enables rescuers to pull many more animals from the shelters and also a great way to see if you would like to adopt. Many people are “foster failures” in that they end up falling in love and adopting their foster pet.

  • If you are interested in becoming a foster download our foster/adopt application. Please contact us if you have questions.

  • Market the animal. Take a great picture of the animal for your e-mail blasts, social media, etc.

    • Give the animal a name if they do not have one. Ask the shelter employee to please let you know if the animal is in danger of being euthanized. There is nothing more discouraging than to find out an animal has been killed that you have been actively networking.

    • Ask everyone to cross post or Share your e-mail with everyone they know.  It is amazing how many lives are saved this way.

  • To Network a red listed animal, (an animal that is scheduled to be killed)

    • Go to http://www.laanimalservices.com/shelters

    • Click on volunteer, click on New Hope, click on Alerts then click on the animals you want to network, cats dogs, etc. under red or blue (medical) alert. This will take you to a list of all the red and blue listed animals for all six of the LA city shelters.

    • These animals can be euthanized at any time so action needs to be taken immediately.  You can also call the shelter ask for a supervisor and tell them you are networking the animal.

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About Christine

Christine Brown has been a sales and marketing professional for the last 20 years. She is successfully applying her marketing experience to saving animals. Christine currently has three rescue cats of her own and has been a hunter/jumper rider since she was a child.

"My passion and love for animals has manifested into this organization where my motivation is to rescue as many animals as I can and help and empower the people who want to help them."

Christine created Animals In Need Rescue Network and with the help of volunteers, other rescues, friends and donors, together AINRN have saved over 600 cats, horses and dogs since September 2011. In the first half of 2019 AINRN has saved 93 cats and 2 dogs!

"I am aware that 80 percent of the cats in shelters still don't make it out alive. My goal is to help as manty animals as possible stay out of shelters through TNR, Trap/Neuter /Return, rehoming freindly cats dogs and horses from the streets and or dangerous situations, or situations where they are no longer wanted, public education, fostering ,adopting, transferring animals to other rescues and saving as many animals as possible."

Please send us an e-mail at animalsinneedrescuenetwork@gmail.com and let us know about your experiences with AINRN.