Animals in Need Rescue Network


Please e-mail your application and direct any inquiries or questions to Christine Brown: 


Please note our Adoption Fee is $75.00 ($75.00 only covers the pull fee from the shelter and a combo test at the vet). All cats are spayed /neutered, vaccinated micro-chipped and combo tested. We incur all other expenses and any additional donation is much appreciated which helps us provide vet care, transport and boarding for our rescued cats.

Please make your check out to Animals in Need Rescue Network c/o of Christine Brown.



Home Phone:_____________  Work Phone:________

Other Phone: ______________________


Type of animal(s) you are willing and able to foster or animal you are adopting:
Adult  cats, kittens, bottle babies, pregnant mothers?


Do you have other pets, cat or dog, how many?
_______________________ __________ _________ _______ ________

_______________________ __________ _________ _______ ________

Are your pets good with other animals? ___________________
If you have cats, do you keep them inside?___________
Do you agree to keep the  cat/kitten indoors __________
Please indicate your housing status:
Are you allowed to have pets?____________
__ Rent an apartment
__ Rent a house
__ Own a house or condo
__ Live with parents

Do you agree not to declaw the cat or kittens you  are adopting from us?_________
Do you agree to provide vet care for the pet  you  are adopting throughout the pet’s life? ____________________
Your veterinarian's name: __________________________________
Telephone number: _______________________________________
Please list two personal references that we may contact:
Personal reference #1: ____________________________________
Phone number: _________________________________________
Your relationship: _______________________________________
Personal reference #2: ___________________________________
Phone number: _________________________________________
Your relationship: _______________________________________
Please make any additional comments below:


I understand and accept  the risks and responsibilities  associated with fostering and or adopting cats and kittens.  I agree that if I no longer want the cat or kitten for any reason that I will return the cat/kitten to Animals in Need Rescue Network.
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