The mission of Animals in Need Rescue Network is to provide a valuable service to the community by helping pets stay out of shelters and in forever homes. We want to keep pets from being euthanized with the ultimate goal of facilitating the process of making Los Angeles a No Kill City.    We have saved over 600 cats, horses and dogs since September 2011.


Most people do not even know where their community shelters are let alone how many animals die there every year something that has to change if LA is ever going to become a No Kill city.   The goals of Animals in Need Rescue Network are:

1.   Make people aware of the problem and motivate people to help.                                       

2.   Offer empowering volunteer opportunities/programs for the public thus fostering a sense of community. Animals in Need will implement several different programs and services that will focus on finding homes for animals, educate the public, and rally community support for the shelters.

3. Create a bridge program to help the shelters process, train and provide a positive volunteer experience for the public.  We will partner with Best Friends or one of the other organizations that works closely with LAAS.  One of the challenges for the shelters is processing volunteers. The shelters currently do not have the staff to process the number of people that send in volunteer applications, offer trainings or provide a positive experience for the volunteers.  We know that shelter volunteers and community support of the shelter is one of the key components to making a city No Kill.

4. Increase the number of pets we are able to rescue from the shelters and increase the number of adoptions at LA Shelters with a particular focus on the North Central shelter. This is one of the LA City shelters that has the highest owner surrender rates and the lowest number of adoptions out of the six LA City shelters resulting in many animals being euthanized.

5. Create programs that increase community awareness on the amount of pets that are euthanized in shelters and create awareness of the huge need for public support.

6. Provide programs that compel the public to support the shelters.

7.  Continue to Rescue pets from the shelters and find qualified adopters, rescues, fosters.

8. Recruit volunteers for the shelters

9.  Create “How you can help Animals in Need program” which will encourage the public to network shelter animals through social media, on line and in their communities. We will provide step by step instructions on all the ways people can help and provide step by step instruction. Our programs will be designed to create support and educational programs for shelters and provide several different opportunities for the public to support the shelters.  The community needs to understand that the essential component to making LA a No Kill city is public support.   We need to educate the people of LA on the plight of animals in our city and then give them several different ways and opportunities to help support the shelters and the city of Los Angeles’ goal of becoming a No Kill city. 

Animals in Need Rescue Network Programs

1.   Provide information and education to people in the community so they do not need to relinquish their pets to the shelter. People are often not aware of services and resources available to them.  We will provide a list of resources on our website, at the shelters as well as phone support directing people to low cost veterinary services, behavioral information and resources for food, low coast spay/neuter programs and financial support for vet care etc.


2.  We will fund and support the shelter intervention programs and help create intervention programs for the shelters that currently do not have them.

3. Create adoption programs and hold adoption events through the   shelters and other rescue groups to increase the amount of adoptions and create public awareness.

4. Provide rehoming assistance for people who can no longer keep their pets by connecting them with a qualified rescue group or potential adopter.

5. Provide programs that support and create community awareness and provide volunteer opportunities by offering programs to educate children, adults and seniors

A. Senior Pets for seniors- provide live in cats in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

B. Therapy Pets- Provide visitation of pets to nursing homes

C. Volunteer Drives

D. Mobile Pet Adoptions for the Shelters

E. PR Campaign for Shelters- Most people do not even know where their community shelters are let alone how many animals die there every year.  We want to change that through an aggressive PR campaign

F. PR Campaign for Cats “Cats Are Cool”- create a PR program changing the public’s perception of cats through education and information.


6. Promote community support for the shelters in order to help move LA towards No Kill. We will become a partner in the No Kill Coalition

7. Create programs that will build and strengthen the relationship between people and animals.

8. Create a Keep your Pets forever Program that provides food, vet care, fosters, transportation for people that have become ill, lost their jobs or are suffering financial hardship. It is crucial that people are able to keep their pets when experiencing hardships in their lives. We want to make sure that as many people can keep their pets as possible, thus keeping animals out of the shelter.