Beautiful Beau Rescued From Coldwater Canyon

Beau  in his new home

A fellow rescuer sent us a plea from a woman who was feeding a beautiful rag doll who had showed up at her house in Coldwater Canyon. He was starving and had his leg stuck in his collar. It had been there so long it was rubbing a sore and cutting into his leg. It took Mary Jane two weeks before he would let her cut it off. He was smart and would stay up on her roof to avoid being eaten by coyotes. 
Last Monday,  we went and picked him up and took him to the vet  He had worms, was not neutered, had a broken tooth, etc. Who knows what poor Beau has been through. The great news is, Beau already has a new home in Bel Air. He is feeling much better and will get all the love and care he needs now. Thanks to Mary Jane who cared enough to feed him an help him and thanks to my good friend Heather who has adopted beautiful Beau!