Pablo & Petey were surrendered to the North Central shelter in LA. due to landlord issues. They are currently in foster and we would love for them to be adopted together if possible. They are both loving cats and settled in quite nicely with their foster mom. Please consider adopting one or both of these very sweet boys! Nothing better than a pair of grey Tabbys!

Pablo is 10 years of age (Per N.C. paperwork) He is neutered and seems to be in good health. Pablo is affectionate and sweet. He loves attention from people and will seek out scratches. He does this very sweet thing - will look into your eyes and place his paw on your arm. He seems to be ok when you pick him up but he's no skinny cat! He weighs about 15 lbs. He has a great appetite, uses the litter box perfectly and even at his age still loves to make biscuits on a soft bed or pillow. He seems to get along ok with his mate Petey but I have witnessed on a few occasions Pablo getting annoyed with Petey. I don't think its anything serious a potential new foster or adopter should worry about.