All donations and proceeds contribute to the transportation of cats, food for feral colonies, trap and release operations, vet bills for rescued and foster cats, as well as vet bills for those who aren’t financially able to pay. Donations are greatly appreciated and serve a purpose to provide treatment and care to cats, whether stray or domesticated.

According to CNBC, the cost to own a cat over a lifetime, is up to $30,942. This is financially straining on any family or individual, and is important for me to cover costs of vetting where I can for those who aren’t able to. Additionally, American Pet Products Association claims in 2018 alone, $72.56 was spent by Americans on their pets. Within this, $31.38 billion is on food and $18.98 billion on vet care. My organization contributes in both areas financially in order to humanely support stray and owned cats.

The amount of money spent on the wellbeing of pets is substantial in America and it’s my honor and pleasure to run an organization which thrives to care for cats. It’s only through generous donations of any amount which keeps me on my feet and able to continue my efforts of fostering, rescuing, networking, rehousing, vetting, feeding, trap and release, and most importantly : saving lives.

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